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best diabetes clinic in gagan pahad

Dr.Pothani is Committed to diabetic excellence

Cure Diabetes and to improve the lives of affected diabetics.

Dr Pothani is a medical graduate from India. He have practiced in Kingdom of saudia arabia for 15 years as an Intensivist (ICU doctor). He is a General physician and have specialized fellowship in diabetology past 6 years. he have been proven as the best diabetes doctor and a general physician. 

Presently Dr Pothani owns HUDA Clinic at Gagan pahad, Hyderabad, India. and is also treating patients with diabetic related conditions and general health problems.


Master of Diabetology

Complete care on your schedule

Bringing life to your smile
best cardiovascular treatment at huda clinic, gagan pahad, shamshabad
Cardio-Vascular treatment

We are best hospital in treating all Cardio-vascular diseases like Heart Failure, Ischemic Heart diseases, Myo cardial infarction (heart attack), Hyper-tension (Increase of BP) , Hypo-tension (Low BP), And we also provide the medicines you need like Diuretics, Centralizing, Vasolidator, Nitrates, Asprin, Anit-platlets etc.

Dermatology treatment

We are the best clinic and hospital in treating and also to cure all the dermatology diseases (skin diseases) and infections like Bacterial, Fungal, Viral , allergic, eczema skin diseases. We also provide all of its treatments and drugs like Clotrimazoa, Miconazole, Ketoconazole, Amoxillin etc. Creams like Fucidin cream , Betadin cream.

best respiratory doctor, best respiratory clinic, best respiratory hospital at gagan pahad, shamshabad
Respiratory treatment

We are the best hospital and best clinic to cure respiratory diseases like Asthma, And respiratory infections like Pneumonia, Bronchitis etc. We cover all medicines like Broncho dilators,steroid, Inhaler nibilization, Ciprofloxacin, Augmentin, Penicillin etc. Dr Pothani is best doctor for curing respiratory diseases and problems.

gynecology treatment at huda clinic, gagan pahad, shamshabad
Gynecology treatment

We have the best doctors available female related problems we are also the best clinic for gynecology problems, we treat many of these diseases and infections like irregular menstrual cycles, PCOD's, PCOS, Trichomonas vaginalis, Candidal infections. As well as their treatments like Miconazole and many other treatments.

We love to see you
at our clinic for your better health

Best Diabetic and general health treatments at our clinic.

We have solution for all your health needs.
  • Screening / Diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Frequent follow ups
  • Regular monitoring of disease
  • Evaluation of complications
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cardio vascular diseases
  • Dermatology conditions
  • Gina ecological diseases
For Appointment call us - 7993024568

best testimonials from our diabetic patients

Creating healthy lifestyles!
very good diagnosis
Sumaiya, India

The doctor is very experienced and he gives a quick treatment. He is very precise in diagnosis. The clinic is very close by and the doctor is available at all times. Medicines are availabe in the clinic so we don’t need to go to the pharmacy after a visit with the doctor. !”

diabetes clinic in gagan pahad
Basmala, India

“The huda clinic has the best doctor for treating diabetes and general health problems, Dr Pothani is very proficient in understanding the patients and diagnose them accordingly, the treatment here was so worthful and my health is getting better!”

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#26, Dream Monarch, Gagan Pahad, Jalpally Road -52

+91 7993 024 568

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